What you’ve been doing and could have been doing. (PDF MULTIPAGINA)

What you’ve been doing.

If the screens on the r

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Titolo: What you’ve been doing and could have been doing.

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Testo originale: What you’ve been doing.

If the screens on the right look more intriguing to you than those on the left, you’re ready for Microsoft® Windows.

Windows opens up the world of visual thinking to all 286 and 386 owners by offering the power of graphics.

Everything you can do on your PC, you can now do better, faster and with greater imagination. Whether you’re creating documents or trying to get a clearer picture of your work.

What used to take complicated keystrokes can now be accomplished with the simple click of a mouse. With Microsoft Windows, you access pull-down menus. Simultaneously work with different programs as well as cut and paste between them to create graphic examples within different bodies of text. And what you see on the screen will appear on your printed page.

And once you’ve learned Microsoft Windows, you’ll have the basis for scores of other programs because all the countless new Windows applications are based on the same easy, logical format.

Since Microsoft Windows virtually looks and works like MS® OS/2 Presentation Manager, you won’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete in a couple years. We made both systems compatible. So, in the future, you’ll be able to share data between them. And your knowledge of Windows will give you a jump on learning MS OS/2 Presentation Manager.

You’d expect a program this powerful to require a more powerful machine. But we consistently create software that makes the best use of your present hardware.

What you could have been doing.

For example, Microsoft Windows/286 will work with as little as 640K and instantly make your machine more sensitive, intuitive and highly visual. It gives you the ability to run every Windows application available. And with access to all those powerful programs, you’ll be able to extend the life and usefulness of your 286 well beyond the introduction of MS OS/2 Presentation Manager. With version 2.1 you also get the benefit of increased speed. So you’ll blaze through Windows applications up to 87% faster.

Microsoft Windows/386 will give you everything that Windows/286 gives you. Plus multitasking with most DOS applications. Now you can finally utilize the speed and power of any 386 machine.

Imagine creating a complicated spreadsheet. Then while a macro is being run, open up a word processor. Type a document, open and work with a graphics program. Cut and paste between programs and even call up electronic mail. And still be able to check on the status of your spreadsheet at any time. Considering all you can do with Microsoft Windows, you have only one question to ask yourself.

What have you been doing without it?

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