The best selling personal computer

Why Apple II is the world's best selling perso

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Titolo: The best selling personal computer

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Testo originale: Why Apple II is the world's best selling personal computer.

Which personal computer will be most enjoyable and rewarding for you? Since we delivered our first Apple® Il in April, 1977, more people have chosen our computer than all other personal computers combined. Here are the reasons Apple has become such an overwhelming favorite.
Apple is a fully tested and assembled mainframe computer. You won't need to spend weeks and months in assembly. Just take an Apple home, plug it in, hook up your color TV* and any cassette tape deck—and the fun begins.
To ensure that the fun never stops, and to keep Apple working hard, we've spent the last year expanding the Apple system. There are new peripherals, new software, and the Apple II Basic Programming Manual. And wait till you see the Apple magazine to keep owners on top of what's new.
Apple is so powerful and easy to use that you'll find dozens of applications. There are Apples in major universities, helping teach computer skills. There are Apples in the office, where they're being programmed to control inventories, chart stocks and balance the books. And there are Apples at home, where they can help manage the family budget, control your home's environment, teach arithmetic and foreign languages and, of course, enable you to create hundreds of sound and action video games.
When you buy an Apple II you're investing in the leading edge of technology. Apple was the first computer to come with BASIC in ROM, for example. And the first computer with up to 48K bytes RAM on one board, using advanced, high density 16K devices. We're working to keep Apple the most up-to-date personal computer money can buy. Apple II delivers the features you need to enjoy the real satisfaction a personal computer can bring, today and in the future.
15 col & hi-resolution graphics, too.
Don't settle for a black and white display! Connect your Apple to a color TV and BASIC gives you instant command of three display modes: Text, 40h x 48v Color-graphics in 15 colors, and a 280h x 192v High Resolution array that lets you plot graphs and compose 3-D images. Apple gives you the added capability of combining text and graphics, too.
Back to basics, and assembly language too.
Apple speaks three languages: fast integer BASIC, floating point BASIC for scientific and financial applications, and 6502 assembly language. That's maximum programming flexibility. And, to preserve user's space, both integer BASIC and monitor are permanently stored in 8K bytes of ROM, so you have an easy-to-use, universal language instantly available. BASIC gives you graphic commands: COLOR=, VLIN, HLIN, PLOT and SCRN. And direct memory access, with PEEK, POKE and CALL commands.
Software: Ours and yours.
There's a growing selection of preprogrammed software from the Apple Software Bank—Basic Finance, Checkbook, High Resolution Graphics and more. Now there's a User Section in our bank, to make it easy for you to obtain programs developed by other Apple owners. Our Software Bank is your link to Apple owners all over the world.
Alive with the sound of music.
Apple's exclusive built-in speaker delivers the added dimension of sound to your programs. Sound to compose electronic music. Sound to liven up games and educational programs. Sound, so that any program can "talk" back to you. That's an example of Apple's "people compatible" design. Another is its light, durable injection-molded case, so you can take Apple with you. And the professional quality, typewriter-style keyboard has n-key rollover, for fast, error-free operator interaction.
Apple is the proven computer.
Apple is a state-of-the-art single board computer, with advanced LSI design to keep component count to a minimum. That makes it more reliable. If glitches do occur, the fully socketed board and built-in diagnostics simplify troubleshooting. In fact, on our assembly line, we use Apples to test new Apples.
Apple peripherals are smart peripherals.
Watch the far right column of this ad each month for the latest in our growing family of peripherals. We call them "intelligent interfaces”. They're smart peripherals, so you can plug them in and run them from BASIC without having to develop custom software. No other personal computer comes close to Apple's expandability. In addition to the built-in video interface, cassette I/O, and four A/D inputs with two continuously variable game paddles, Apple has eight peripheral slots, three TTL inputs and four TTL outputs. Plus a powerful, state-of-the-art switching power supply that can drive all your Apple peripherals.
Available now
Apple is in stock and ready for delivery at a store near you. Call us for the dealer nearest you. Or, for more details and a copy of our "Consumer's Guide to Personal Computers," call 800/538-9696**
or write Apple Computer, Inc., 10260 Bandley Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Apple computer

Programming is a snap!
I'm halfway through Apple's BASIC manual and already I've programmed my own space wars game.
Those math programs I wrote last week-I just rewrote them using Apple's mini-assembler and got them
to run a hundred times faster.
Apple's smart peripherals make expansion easy. Just plug'em in and they're ready to run. I've already
added two disks, a printer and the communications card.

New from Apple.
Introducing Disk II: instant access to your files.
Our newest peripheral is Disk II, a high-density 51/4" floppy disk drive for fast, low cost data retrieval. It's perfect for storing large bodies of data such as household finances, address files and inventories; you can find any record in just half a second. No more searching through stacks of cassettes; with a few keystrokes, your system will load, store and run any file by name.
Disk II consists of an intelligent interface card, a powerful Disk Operating System (DOS), and one or two mini floppy drives. Your Apple will handle up to seven interface cards and fourteen drives, for control of nearly 1.6 megabytes of data, with no expansion chassis. The combination of ROM-based bootstrap loader and an operating system in RAM provides complete disk handling capability, including these special features:
• Soft sectored • Random or sequential file access • Program chaining capability • Universal DOS command processor works with existing languages and monitor • Full disk capability in systems with as little as 16K RAM • Storage capacity: 113 kilobytes/diskette.
See Disk II now at your Apple dealer. Sold complete with controller and DOS at $495.
Peripherals in stock
Hobby Board (A2B0001X), Parallel Printer Interface (A2B0002X), Communication Interface (A2B0003X), Disk II (A2M0004X).
Coming soon
High speed Serial Interface, Printer II, Printer IIA, Monitor II, Modem IIA.

*Apple II plugs into any standard TV using an inexpensive modulator (not included).

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