Burroughs Sensimatic savings can be yours

These Burroughs Sensimatic savings can be yours

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Titolo: Burroughs Sensimatic savings can be yours

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Testo originale: These Burroughs Sensimatic savings can be yours
It’s the same refrain from users of Burroughs Sensimatic Accounting Machines everywhere: Far more bookkeeping done far faster—at far less cost!
“The Sensimatic 400 enables us to keep a set of purchase cards, plus our accounts receivable, at considerably less than just the receivables ledger cost previously.” So says Fuller Brush Company, Hartford, Conn. Doing an $80,000,000 volume yearly, this 50-year-old firm uses 10 Sensimatics to speed transactions with its more than 6,000 famed “Fuller Brush Men.”
And Detroit’s Dy-Dee Wash, Inc., leading local diaper service, reports: “We could double our present volume and still handle all of our records on our one Sensimatic. A lifesaver to a small office with a large number of small transactions!”
Versatile? Yes! The Sensimatic’s exclusive 4-jobs-in-l sensing panel automatically directs the Sensimatic through every general accounting operation, simple or complex. And to adapt the same machine to any new bookkeeping system—now or in the future—just change slip-in panels. Result: Unparalleled speed, versatility, simplicity of operation and extraordinary savings … in any and every accounting operation.
For a savings-wise demonstration, call our local office. Burroughs Corporation, Detroit 32, Michigan.
Wherever There’s Business There’s Burroughs

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