RCA 301 computer

RCA 301 computer now steps up to big system workpo

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Titolo: RCA 301 computer

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Fonte pubblicazione: Business Automation

Data della fonte: December 1961

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Testo originale: RCA 301 computer now steps up to big system workpower!

Core memory doubled to 40,000 characters! Magnetic tape capability increased to twelve or more 66,000 character/second tape units! System rentals remain low, and you can still begin on a small scale!
Already widely accepted by business and government, the RCA 301 has been so stepped up in workpower that the running time for many jobs has been cut in half. Now it can also tackle much larger and more complex jobs, and can be greatly extended in capacity as your work load grows. With the advanced 301 you have a wider choice of system configuration—and therefore, a better match to your job—than with any other system in its price range. And when you buy 301, you are buying top productivity per rental dollar for your overall needs.
Be sure you evaluate this advanced RCA 301 for your data processing needs. Or if you already have an RCA 301 system, add the new memory and high performance tape units as you require them. No reprogramming is necessary.
These new 301 advances are the latest in RCA’s continuing program of bringing you higher levels of EDP efficiency through the application of the world’s newest electronic techniques.
RCA 301 rental prices begin under $3000 per month, and delivery can be made in less than a year. Contact your local RCA EDP representative, or write: RCA Electronic Data Processing, Camden 8, New Jersey.
Random Access: Data Record File, 27 million char. capacity
Data Disc File, 176 million char. capacity
Core Memory: 10,000-20,000-40,000 characters
Tape Units: 10,000-33,000-66,000 char./second
Printers: Up to two, 750-1000 lines/minute
Card Readers: Up to two, 600 cards/minute Card
Punch: 100 or 200 cards/minute
Paper Tape: Read, 100 or 1000 char./second Punch, 100 char./second
The Most Trusted Name in Electronics

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