TRS-80 color computer is even better

Suddenly Radio Shack's New TRS-8O Color Comput

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Titolo: TRS-80 color computer is even better

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Fonte pubblicazione: Byte

Data della fonte: March 1981

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Testo originale: Suddenly Radio Shack's New TRS-8O Color Computer is Even Better!
New Extended Color BASIC. Here's an advanced TRS-80 Color Computer that includes a 16K ROM Extended BASIC with advanced graphics, eight brilliant colors, and sound, for an unprecedented low price! You can draw fine lines, circles, rectangles, boxes and more with easy-to-use one-line commands. Four graphic modes with two color sets allow up to 49,152 programmable screen points (pixels). There are 255 separate tones for music or sound effects. All this on a 16K RAM machine (including video memory) loaded with the dynamic features a serious programmer demands. You get a 32x16 screen, multi-character variable names (two significant), editing, tracing, user-definable keys, 255-character string arrays, floating point 9-digit accuracy, and even machine language routines.
Priced at Only $599, the TRS-80 Extended Color BASIC Computer is useful, entertaining and educational. Yet using it can be as simple as plugging in one of Radio Shack's instant-loading Program Paks. Come in and see what's already available. The computer attaches to your TV, or our own $399 TRS-80 Color Video Receiver. For just $24.95, you can add a pair of joysticks which add flexibility to games and video displays. A built-in serial interface lets you attach a printer or a modem. A tutorial Color BASIC instruction manual is included, of course.
More Good News. Extended Color BASIC is also available as an upgrade kit ($99) for the 4K Color Computer (16K RAM required — $119). There's a modest installation charge for each kit.
A Low-Cost, Direct-Connect Modem. A convenient alternative to an acoustic coupler. The TRS-80 Modem I lets you enter the world of microcomputer communication for only $149. Cable extra.
Specifications. Low-Power CMOS Circuitry: Full duplex, 300/600 baud, 103 compatible ANS/ORIG. Sensitivity: - 48 dB/ - 43 dB. Connectors: DB25/ 4-pin DIN; includes interface for Model I cassette port. FCC
New TRS-80 VIDEOTEX Software (with the modem shown below) offers Color Computer owners quick, affordable access to many kinds of information and data services. For example, our exclusive agreement with CompuServes Information Service gets you local, national and international news, weather and sports from 11 area newspapers and the Associated Press News Service; information on over 32,000 stocks and bonds; an educational reference service; entertainment news and reviews; nationwide Electronic Mail with other users; and much more! You'll also access Dow Jones Information Services for Wall Street news, stock quotes and more.
Only $29.95 Buys You VIDEOTEX Software including a free hour on both CompuServe and Dow Jones, plus operator's manuals. Come see the new TRS-80 Color Computer, its programs and accessories, at one of our 6000 outlets today!


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