The man, the wing and the Apple

The man, the wing and the Apple.
If you could tal

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Titolo: The man, the wing and the Apple

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Fonte pubblicazione: Creative computing

Data della fonte: March 1981

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Testo originale: The man, the wing and the Apple.
If you could talk to Orville Wright, he'd tell you the problems he faced as a turn of-the-century engineer. You could tell him all about the technological solutions available to today's engineer and scientist... particularly a 20th century phenomenon that tests assumptions and defines models before a project gets off the ground. The Apple personal computer.
Computation, calculation, analysis...the power to pilot your projects.
With a highly-integrated system from the extensive Apple personal computer family, Orville and brother Wilbur would have increased their productivity. Perhaps even launched the Kitty Hawk Flyer well before 1903.
An Apple in their hangar would have freed them from the time and tedium of crunching numbers by hand.
An Apple in your lab or office will give you the problem-solving capabilities you demand from a big computer...without the time-consuming problems typical of remote processing.
But the Apple system solution doesn't stop there. It keeps on soaring with proven performance, power and expandability that's unparalleled for analyzing alternative paths of design and modeling a wide variety of physical processes.
Want more memory? Depending on your choice of system, Apple has memory expandable to 64K bytes or 128K bytes. Prefer wide displays? Choose 40 or 80 characters. Need to control instruments in the lab? Get on the IEEE 488 bus. Over 100 companies also supply peripherals for Apple because Apple is the most popular personal computer with the least complicated interface.
Want an efficient system of data storage and access? Apple's 51/4" disk drive not only offers you increased application versatility, but high density (143K bytes), high speed and low cost. You can even add up to four or more drives to your Apple system. With proven reliability, no wonder it's the most popular drive on the market today.
FORTRAN that helped to design a 20th century flying machine.
Fluent in the same language that helped to design the 747, Apple FORTRAN lets you tackle differential equations at the touch of a key. And since more the 170 companies also offer software for the Apple family, you can have one of the most impressive program libraries ever... including vast subroutine libraries for math, science, engineering and statistics. When you write your own programs, the Apple also speaks in languages other than FORTRAN: Pascal, BASIC, PILOT and 6502 assembly language.
Where to learn more about Apple, the small-yet-serious solution.
Let your imagination soar with Apple.
Discover the 20th century tool versatile enough to monitor quality controls and manufacturing schedules, orchestrate tolerance tests and determine alternative parts selection. Learn why Apple emerges as the technological leader of reliable personal computer products that increase your productivity.
Let the Apple dealer show you how, by putting the system of your choice through its paces. He'll tell you about our extended warranty, support and service. And he'll prove that a personal computer is not just a flight of fancy but a serious solution. Don't let history pass you by. Visit your nearest Apple dealer, or call 800-538-9696. In California, 800-662-9238.

Wilbur determined that birds didn't have to constantly flap their wings to fly. With an Apple, he could've determined the fixed-wing design of the Kitty Hawk Flyer much faster.

Apple's existing software library includes a program that plots the shape of an airfoil, given its parameters.

Apple computer inc.

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