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Titolo: Engineering Instruments

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Factory and General Office-Peru, Indiana

Precision manufactured from seasoned hardwood. Entire face and back of slide accurately calibrated on handsome white plastic. Accurate and durable. This 10" rule carries scales A-B-C-D-CI-K-S-L-T. Contact hairline index on back of rule ensures accurate reading of Trig scales.
Packed in a simulated leather case, handsome, durable, flexible. Clear plastic frameless Indicator for 100% scale visibility. 32 page instruction booklet included with each rule.
Only $2.00 Model 250-V

Always available STUDENTS SPECIAL
This 10" rule, carrying the same scales as the 250-V, has a white lacquer coated face, same Instruction book, indicator, leather case and contact hairline index on back of rule.
$1.25 Model 250-BT

Budget Slide Rule
Smoothly machined from well seasoned lumber. This 10" rule has a white lacquer coated face and carries scales A-B-C-D-CI-K. Metal framed indicator. 28 page instruction booklet. Packed in individual pocket carton.
60c Model 10-B

Circular slide rules
Diameter slide rules made of heavy, dimensionally stable "Vinylite" plastic. Equivalent to a straight type slide rule over 20" in length. It contains A-B-C-D-CI-L-K scales.
8” $3.00
4-3/8” $1.00

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