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NCR 500 Series Computers are on their way...

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Titolo: NCR 500 computers are on their way

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Testo originale: NCR 500 Series Computers are on their way...
Out of the factory. Out to Newfoundland and Alberta and Quebec and British Columbia.
To commerce, industry, finance and government.
The NCR 500 Series offers a solution to data processing and reporting for divergent needs and can handle a tremendous range of assignments. A modest sampling would be payroll, accounts receivable, billing, accounts payable, costs, scheduling and inventory.
NCR 500 systems are setting records for enthusiastic acceptance everywhere.
Why? Very simple.
NCR 500's give more input, output and processing capabilities than any other low-priced computer system on the market today.
Users get NCR's unique "total system" advantage... everything from one manufacturer, from data input through processing to output. Never a costly translating operation.
They also get NCR's "all languages" capability. (Input and output on punch card, punch paper tape, magnetic ledger card, and optical print).
And they get a system of unequalled flexibility. It works alone or as a satellite to other computers. Even within the system itself there is flexibility for expansion.
So, in organizing the data required for efficient business operation, users of the NCR 500 Series Computer get more than they can get anywhere else for their money.
No wonder NCR 500's are on their way... all across the country. Call, or visit your nearby NCR office, or write to NCR, 222 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

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