IBM presents four different ways

IBM presents four different ways to come to the sa

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Titolo: IBM presents four different ways

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Fonte pubblicazione: PC Magazine

Data della fonte: 23 December 1986

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Testo originale: IBM presents four different ways to come to the same conclusion.

There are countless reasons why over three million people have made IBM® the first choice in business computing.
But here are four of the best: the computers that make up the IBM family of business PCs.
Together, they offer a full range of choices in power and price. And now, we're celebrating their fifth anniversary.

The IBM Personal Computer. A classic example.
It's no wonder business has grown attached to the IBM PC—a perfect balance of power and affordability.
As a first computer, it's a natural choice for helping with basic business tasks, from letters to ledgers.

IBM Personal Computer XT. The bigger you get, the better it gets.
With eight expansion slots, the PC XT is literally built for growth. So adding new features is as easy as plugging them in.
It's available with a hard file that stores 10,000 double-spaced pages of information.
And the new PC XT Model 286 gives you even more—extra speed to get through your work faster.

IBM Personal Computer AT. High performance reaches new heights.
The AT stands for Advanced Technology. Which means it's extraordinarily fast. And can store mountains of information-30,000 double-spaced pages' worth, with a pair of 30-megabyte hard files.
No question, the Personal Computer AT is the computer for people who work with lots of information and need to get to it fast.

The IBM PC Convertible. One computer for people who really need two.
Here's a powerful computer you can use as a portable or a desktop. It works with both a flip-up screen and an optional desktop monitor.
The PC Convertible weighs just over 12 pounds, but it's a full-fledged member of the IBM PC family. And there's really nothing lightweight about that.

Meet the extended family.
IBM makes even more powerful PCs as well.
There's the super-fast IBM RT PC, for technical professional uses. The IBM 3270 PC, for access to IBM mainframe computers.
And the IBM System/36 PC. It can work alone or share its resources with a group of PCs (or other System/36 computers).

Draw your own conclusion.
IBM offers quite a choice in PCs. As well as a choice of affordable ways to get one: the IBM Credit Cards for individuals and companies, and the IBM Commercial Lease Agreement.
For further details, visit an Authorized IBM PC Dealer, or call your IBM marketing representative.
For a store near you, call 1-800447-4700. (In Alaska, 1-800-447-0890; in Canada, 1-800-465-6600; for a Value Added Dealer, 1-800-426-8277.)

Testo tradotto: IBM presenta quattro modi diversi per arrivare alla stessa conclusione.

Ci sono innumerevoli ragioni per cui più di tre milioni di persone hanno reso IBM la prima scelta nel business computing.
Ma qui ci sono quattro dei migliori computer che compongono la famiglia dei PC aziendali IBM.
Insieme, offrono una gamma completa di scelte di potenza e di prezzo. E ora, stiamo celebrando il loro quinto anniversario.

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