You're trying to divide by zero

UNIVAC: “You’re Trying to Divide by Zero”
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Titolo: You're trying to divide by zero

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Data della fonte: 1956

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Testo originale: UNIVAC: “You’re Trying to Divide by Zero”
A scientist, testing a formula on Univac recently, was amazed to see the computing system stop, then automatically type the reproof: “You’re trying to divide by zero.” A quick check proved that Univac, as always, was right.
This graphic demonstration points out just one of the many Remington Rand refinements in the art of computer programming and operation. For Univac has been trained to spot human errors. It can now carry out commands given in simple business English. It can even manufacture its own program of instructions automatically – at electronic speeds, with unparalleled accuracy.
These skills have been developed as a direct result of Univac’s unique position in the field of electronic data-processing. Because, with every Univac delivered goes 10 years’ experience in electronic computing…5 years’ experience in the commercial type of data-processing. This wealth of background in programming and operation is unobtainable elsewhere.
The unprecedented savings of Univac data-processing have been proved by solving actual consumer problems – not by working out theoretical solutions with non-existent computers. You can be sure that, when you install the Univac, you’ll get under way faster, surer and more economically because the System has already handled similar work.
Univac is now at work in leading organizations throughout the country. And, in today’s competitive market, the company which cuts its overhead first comes out on top. So don’t wait until 1957…1958…or 1959 to cash in on the tremendous savings available to you now with the Remington Rand Univac System.
Remington Rand Univac
Division of Sperry Rand Corporation

Testo tradotto: UNIVAC: «Stai cercando di dividere per zero"
Uno scienziato, mentre stava provando una formula su Univac di recente, è rimasto sorpreso di vedere il sistema di calcolo fermarsi, stampando automaticamente il rimprovero: "Stai cercando di dividere per zero." Un rapido controllo ha dimostrato che Univac, come sempre, aveva ragione.
Questa dimostrazione grafica dimostra solo una delle tante raffinatezze Remington Rand nell'arte della programmazione e di funzionamento. Univac è stato addestrato per individuare gli errori umani. E' ora possibile impartire i comandi in semplice inglese commerciale.