Two Bytes Are Better Than One

Two Bytes Are Better Than One
Tms 9900 16bit micr

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Titolo: Two Bytes Are Better Than One

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Fonte pubblicazione: Byte

Data della fonte: July 1978

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Caricato da: Maverich il 23-11-2019
Testo originale: Two Bytes Are Better Than One
Tms 9900 16bit microcomputer ss-16
The full power of the 16-bit tms 9900 microprocessor is now available with the unique combination of reliable hardware and fast, easy to use software in the technico ss-16. With minicomputer performance the technico 16-bit microcomputers are available from the single board super starter system at under $400 to the full ss-16 with up to 65k bytes of memory, mini-floppy or full floppy disks, a 4800 baud digital cassette, 64 color video board option, rs232 and 20 ma current loop all combined with one of the industry’s fastest basics and a full assembler, editor, linking loader package. Systems are available completely assembled and tested or in unassembled tec-kit™ form. Explicit manual included or available separately at $35. To learn more…just tear off a piece of this ad and return to technico or call our hotline 1-800/638-2893 or your local dealer.
European models available through technico international
Technico incorporated
9130 red branch rd columbia. Md 21045
phone 301 596 4100

technico technico ss-16 tms 9900