Introducing the Colby PC-1 Conversion Kit

How to carry your ibm-pc for miles without moving

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Titolo: Introducing the Colby PC-1 Conversion Kit

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Data della fonte: 1982

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Testo originale: How to carry your ibm-pc for miles without moving it an inch

Introducing the Colbi PC-1 Conversion Kit—for IBM-PC performance in a portable package.
Start with a standard IBM-PC. Add the Colby PC-1 a compact, 26-pound portable unit that houses its own 9-inch display and power supply. Transfer the system board, disk drive and PC boards from your IBM-PC (they fit neatly inside the Colby). With the help of the standard
IBM-PC keyboard (it's plug-compatible)... the Colby PC-1 is ready to go (and perform).
Portability is only minutes away. The Colby PC-1 Conversion Kit includes everything you need to "portable-ize" the IBM-PC—in less than an hour and with only a screwdriver. (If you prefer, you can have the job done by your local participating Computer land.) And since the Colby has its own display and power supply, you only have to make the conversion once.
It's almost like getting a portable computer for free. We can supply a new "system" mother board for your IBM-PC to replace the one transferred to the Colby PC-1.
So instead of having to buy an expansion chassis, your IBM-PC chassis steps into do the job.
Add an interconnect cable between the IBM-PC chassis and the Colby PC-1 and you have a total of twice the plug-in slots of either unit alone.
Another extra just plug your IBM-PC display into the Colby ...and enjoy the use of both displays simultaneously.
Convenience plus. With the IBM-PC and the Colby PC-1 you get an unbeatable combination of sophistication and portability.
That's convenience. And since both systems use the same hardware, software, and keyboard, you only have to learn to operate one system. That's convenience plus.
At $899,the price of the Colby PC-1 is especially "plug-compatible." Think about it. If you own an IBM-PC, you can add the portability of the Colby PC-1 for much less than the cost of a separate, comparable system (we're not even sure that a comparable system exists).
If you're looking for your first computer, the Colby PC-1—coupled with the power of the IBM-PC—could offer the extra mileage you've been waiting for... at a cost that won't leave you short.
There's more to come from Colby Computer.
Watch for the Colby PC-2 complete with its own snap-on keyboard and dual 5-inch disk drive capability (these items will also be sold separately to enable you to upgrade your Colby PC-1)...two new PC Stik joysticks...a PC plug-in 300-baud auto-dial modem... plus other IBM-PC compatible products...all available soon.
RSVP. Please write to us for data sheets and ordering information (prices are introductory offers, subject to change without notice). If you missed seeing the Colby PC-1 in action at Comdex '82, visit us at the Eighth West Coast Computer Faire (San Francisco, March 1983).


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