Why buy just a video game

Commodore VIC-20
The computer for everyone

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Titolo: Why buy just a video game

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Data della fonte: 1980

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Testo originale: Commodore VIC-20
The computer for everyone
Just $399

Why buy just a video game when you can get a full colour computer for this price.
A computer like this would have been fiction a few years ago.
Now it's a reality. It's the new Commodore VIC-20, a full-fledged, expandable colour computer that costs little more than the video games.
Everybody loves video games and the VIC-20 has some of the best.
But the Commodore VIC-20 can also help the kids with their homework and mum with her home budgeting.
Dad can even take the light, portable VIC-20 to the office for financial and business applications. And Commodore has many more applications on the way.
With full capability for:
•Education programmes
•Recreational programmes
•Personal computing
•Includes Microsoft, PET BASIC
•Connects to any TV set
•4 sound generators
•16 colours
•66 graphic characters
•Full-size typewriter-style keyboard
•Easy-to-follow instruction manual
•25K total memory
•Memory expansion to 32K RAM

The VIC-20 is the friendliest way we know to learn computing. It has a full computer keyboard even a small child can operate. It plays music, has exciting graphics and lets you create pictures. It even tells you when you've made a mistake and how to correct it.
The VIC-20 can take your children from pre-school through post-graduate studies. So much brain for so little.

Learn more about Commodore VIC-20, the micro-computer you can depend on.
Call or write for the name, location of your Commodore dealer nearest you.
Commodore Computer

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