Datapoint 1500 at $5950

At $20,000, the Datapoint 1500 would be just anoth

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Titolo: Datapoint 1500 at $5950

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 12 December 1977

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Testo originale: At $20,000, the Datapoint 1500 would be just another outstanding computer system.
At $5,950 it's almost unbelievable.

Believe. And $5,950 is for a quantity of one. Now you can afford a genuine Datapoint for those applications where computer power was needed but couldn't be cost justified.

A Real Computer
Don't let the price mislead you. The 1500 contains a powerful fully programmable business computer with 32,000 bytes (8 bits & parity) of memory.
Add to that an integral keyboard, video display and dual diskette drives (over 500,000 characters on-line) and you have a complete system. And there's more.
A standard, built-in communications interface requires that you add only a modem to start communicating.

With Comprehensive Software
There's much more than just hardware, too.
You get a comprehensive Diskette Operating System with a utility library including sort, index and index sequential access method (ISAM), a data entry language (DATAFORM), a data processing language (DATABUS).
Like all Datapoint systems there's a common, dynamic file structure.
No time consuming file format conversion necessary. You start writing application programs immediately.

Easy Concurrent Communications or Printing
The 1500 will communicate in IBM 3780 discipline, or DATAPOLL for Datapoint-to-Datapoint communications.
Auto-answer is standard. You needn't halt an ongoing data entry operation to communicate — with the 1500 you can communicate while an operator continues to enter or process data.
Or, you can elect to do concurrent printing on an optional Freedom Printer.

More Features — And a Growth Path
You'll find the 1500 full of those features you've always wanted.
Inverse video for display highlighting, user program defined function keys, simple installation, and easy operator training.
Programs can be remotely loaded from a central site. A system that you can adapt to your needs, not the reverse.
Since the 1500 is part of the Datapoint family, you can easily move your application programs to larger Datapoint systems without another investment in software.

Fully Supported
Each 1500 is backed by the nationwide Datapoint Field Service organization with over 90 service centers.
And when you need systems or other technical advice, the Datapoint Account Managers and Systems Engineers are ready to help.

Learn More
Call your local Datapoint Sales Office.
They'll send you information on how the 1500 can start saving you money now.
Or write Datapoint Corporation, Marketing Communications, 9725 Datapoint Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78284.

The leader in dispersed data processing

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