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The Computer for the Professional

Whether you a

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Titolo: The Computer for the Professional

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 12 December 1977

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Testo originale: The Computer for the Professional

Whether you are a manager, scientists, educator, lawyer, accountant or medical professional, the System 8813 will make you more productive in your profession.
It can keep track of your receivables, project future sales, evaluate investment opportunities, or collect data in the laboratory.
Use the System 8813 to develop reports, analyze and store lists and schedules, or to teach others about computers.
It is easily used by novices and experts alike.
Reliable hardware and sophisticated software make this system a useful tool.
Several software packages are included with the machine: an advanced disk operating system supporting a powerful BASIC language interpreter, easy to use text editor, assembler and other system utilities.
PolyMorphic systems

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