VECTOR, Economy Sized Computers

Economy Sized Computers now come in small, medium

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Titolo: VECTOR, Economy Sized Computers

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 3 November 1980

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Testo originale: Economy Sized Computers now come in small, medium and large.

But no matter what the size, they all give you increased sales, greater security, and lower costs.
Choose from the VIP (315K bytes with optional add-ons up to 1.2M bytes), the Vector 2800 (2M bytes with 91 msec average access time), or the Vector 3030 (32M bytes with 34 msec average access time).
Each one gives you more disk speed and capacity than competitive models.
So you can offer a less expensive system with more capacity than your competition, or one with much greater capacity for the same money.
Our multiple configurations with transportable software do not lock you into one level of system.
For reliability, Vector builds industry standards into each Economy Sized Computer.
Standard software and components include CP/M2 operating system, Microsoft BASIC-80, S-100 bus, 4 MHz, Z80A processor, RS-232C serial ports.
Our modular systems use common Vector 3 mainframes, boards, and printers.
They save you time and money on inventory, service, staff, and training.
Software transportability from one system to the next eliminates the cost of rewriting or converting software and data.
Our advanced software development tools reduce development time dramatically.
And since we have such a wide range of models, we help you make more sales.
All this goes to prove one thing.
That is, no matter what size system you're building an Economy Sized Computer can be a big help.

Economy Sized Computers

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