Introducing CP/M-86 From Digital Research

Introducing CP/M-86 From Digital Research

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Titolo: Introducing CP/M-86 From Digital Research

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 26 January 1981

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Testo originale: Introducing CP/M-86 From Digital Research

The Best Gets Better
CP/M, the industry standard, continues to expand, because your needs continue to expand.
For cost-effective computing on 8-bit Z-80, 8080 and 8085-based microcomputers, CP/M-80 gives you the widest variety of
mature, specialized software products anywhere.
For jobs that require more address space and increased computing resources, CP/M-86 provides the software power you need.
CP/M-86 is enhanced to operate with Intel's new 16-bit 8086 and 8088 microprocessors, with all the qualities that have given CP/M industry-wide support.
And there's more to come: MP/M, our multiprogramming monitor, and CP/NET, our network operating system, and PL/i, now available for 8-bit machines, will soon be available for the 8086/8088 family.
CP/M. It's available on over 250 types of computers. For a closer look, ask your dealer, your manufacturer, or Digital Research.

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