The small computer system that

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Titolo: HERE'S DPS 6.

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 26 January 1981

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Testo originale: HERE'S DPS 6.
The small computer system that grows and grows and grows and grows...

DPS 6 is our new family of small computer systems, and it has just about everything you could ask for.
Altogether there are 10 models.
At the low end, there are 16-bit systems that offer a range of power and capability that used to come only with much larger systems.
In fact, these systems probably have the best price/performance ratio in the industry.
At the top end, DPS 6 includes 32-bit systems that we think are the most powerful small systems ever announced for business applications.
(They're also pretty tough to beat in a scientific environment.)
And in between there are systems that keep adding incremental value to support different kinds of growth.
Most important, these systems are compatible—programs that run on the smallest 16-bit model can be run without changes on the largest 32-bit model.
Also, the larger 16-bit models can be easily converted to 32-bit models when you need more power and capacity.
Naturally, there's software too.
The best business-oriented software in the business.
COBOL, transaction processing, word processing, data entry and communications.
We call this combination of hardware and software Businessware.
You'll call it the most efficient system you've ever seen.
And DPS 6 systems work especially well in distributed networks.
Providing the up-to-date data that can mean greater productivity in executive suites, offices, factories and warehouses.
Wherever people need facts and figures to do their jobs.
You'll find DPS 6 systems easy to install and easy to maintain.
Best of all, they're so easy to expand you won't have to worry about growing too fast.
Their built-in expansion capability means they'll keep on working—doing the future applications you haven't even dreamed of yet.
Power and flexibility, growth potential, and cost effectiveness.
Those are only some of the reasons we think DPS 6 systems are special.
To discover how they'll work for you, write Honeywell, 200 Smith Street (MS 487), Waltham, Massachusetts 02154.

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