The Perkin-Elmer Megamini 3240 is fast

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Data della fonte: 26 January 1981

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The Perkin-Elmer Megamini 3240 is faster than VAX.

Our 32-bit Megamini Model 3240 performed 44 out of 58 benchmark tasks faster than the more expensive VAX 11/780.
We matched our Model 3240 against the VAX 11/780 in 58 customer supplied benchmarks, comprising 697 million FORTRAN statements.
In 44 of the benchmarks, the 3240 performed faster than VAX. Overall, the 3240 delivered an average 1.4 times higher performance. Yet the 3240 configuration costs approximately $20,000 less than its corresponding VAX configuration.
All 58 FORTRAN benchmarks listed in Table 1 were submitted by our customers and prospects reflecting their application needs.
Applications that deal with the same kind of problems you face every day.
All benchmarks were run on-site at various locations across the country.
And all were run by vendor-trained operators.
In Table 2, we organized the benchmark results into nine common types of job classification, so you can see at a glance how the 3240 stacks up vs. VAX 11/780. (The ninth classification demonstrates the superiority of Perkin-Elmer's system software, in this case globally optimizing
As shown in Table 3, the story is simple and uncomplicated.
The Perkin-Elmer 3240 outperforms VAX 11/780. And it costs less.
The 3240 is faster than VAX in another important way-we can deliver it faster.
We'd be happy to send you a sub-set of those benchmarks which are non-proprietary or have been released with permission, so you can run them yourself. We'll also send you hardware and software documentation.
Before you make a decision on any supermini system, get all the facts on the Megamini 3240 from Perkin-Elmer.

Megamini is a registered trademark of The Perkin-Elmer Corporation

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