The Wang VS computer

The Wang VS computer puts the crunch on your data,

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Titolo: The Wang VS computer

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 26 January 1981

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Testo originale: The Wang VS computer puts the crunch on your data, without putting the squeeze on your staff.

The Crunch.
High-volume information processing comes easy to Wang Virtual Storage computer systems. Virtual memory management gives each VS user a full megabyte of logical address space for big-program development and execution. Multiple Input/Output Processors work independently to break the I/O bottleneck, buffering the CPU for faster throughput. And our sophisticated VS instruction sets cut through complex tasks with ease. Expansion is easy, too. The VS family lets you grow from 6-user support on the VS 50 to 32 users on the VS, to 128-user support on VS 100 systems. Use up to 2 million bytes of main memory and 4.6 billion bytes of mass storage. And get an eight-fold increase in processing speed with the VS 100's 32-bit processor, 64-bit data path and 32K-bytes of integral cache memory. While protecting your software and peripheral investment every step of the way.
But Wang VS systems aren't just powerful computers. They're complete systems that make computer power ingeniously easy to use. Our programming aids, for example, let you create a data entry screen as easily as writing a word processing document. Our Symbolic Debug utility lets you test and modify COBOL, BASIC, RPG II and Assembler programs at the source level. And our menu-driven file management facilities let you set up files, process transactions, generate reports and establish field-level security controls — interactively.
In all, Wang VS systems give you more easy ways to use computer power than any other system marketed today. Word processing, phototypesetting, electronic mail and telecommunications are all VS system options.
Call us. And let your local Wang Representative show you how to apply the crunch.
Without getting caught in the squeeze.

Wang Laboratories, Inc. Lowell, MA 01851

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