The Data 100 family tree.

The Data 100 family tree.
We keep gromwing to cov

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Titolo: The Data 100 family tree.

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Testo originale: The Data 100 family tree.
We keep gromwing to cover your growing needs.

Our family tree is rooted in a sound concept. Multifunction data processing.
Data 100 products perform multiple functions operating in networks, using a variety of communication disciplines over a wide range of user applications.
Whether your requirements call for remote job entry, data entry, remote or local file management, stand-alone processing, or any combination of these, you're looking at a family of products that can answer your needs.
Our Model 76 provides the best in RJE emulators and peripherals.
Model 77 data entry concurrent with communications can be disk or diskette based.
Keybatch systems feature key-to-disk data entry on 20 MB disk storage, plus networked entry stations and printers.
Model 82 emulates IBM 3270 on-line file management functions.
Model 78 combines all of the above functions and adds stand-alone processing with disk or tape RPG.
And, at the trunk of our multi-function system is the Model 85 Remote Information System. It offers a multitasking operating system, file management using up to 100 MB disk storage, stand-alone processing using COBOL and RPG, and total connectibility with other Data 100 products.

multifunction data processing

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