TI's new Series 700 Distributed Processing Systems

If your business depends on the flow of informatio

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Titolo: TI's new Series 700 Distributed Processing Systems

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Testo originale: If your business depends on the flow of information between locations,
TI's new Series 700 Distributed Processing Systems can lower your costs and increase your profitability.

Today, business thrives on the efficient exchange of information between remote business locations. The cleaner the data received, the faster the turnaround time. The faster the turnaround time, the lower the operating costs. And the greater the opportunity for a profitable, smoother running operation.

Control at the source.
TI's new Series 700 Family of distributed processing systems puts powerful user-programmable editing and preprocessing at the source, where data is generated and errors are easiest to spot and correct. That means cleaner data—and cleaner data means a reduced load on your mainframe, and reports that are right the first time.

Computer compatibility.
Series 700 systems can talk directly to your computer via fast, built-in modems. That lowers your communicating costs and avoids multivendor problems.

Software compatibility.
All family members speak the same language, TPL 700. This high-level, versatile, business-oriented language permits easy programming and operation by means of video-display-oriented data entry and local terminal processing.

Print capability.
Series 700 systems can take data as fast as you can send it. Your reports, payroll checks, sales orders and other data can be printed on TI's reliable OMNI 800* printers right where they're needed.

Unattended operation.
The communication system can work unattended. Each day's data can be transmitted at night, when rates are low. And your reports can be waiting at every location when work begins next morning.
Built into our Series 700 Family is over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry and the technical expertise and support of our worldwide organization of factory-trained sales and service engineers, backed by TI-CARE, our computer-automated field service dispatching and information system.

Your next step.
For the complete Series 700 story, with details on the powerful new diskette-based Model 771, the low-cost 770, and the new high-performance models of the multistation 774, write Texas Instruments Incorporated, P.O. Box 1444, M/S 7784, Houston, Texas 77001.

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