A 4341 alternative... that's available today

A 4341 alternative... that's available today

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Titolo: A 4341 alternative... that's available today

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Fonte pubblicazione: Computerworld

Data della fonte: 30 July 1979

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Testo originale: A 4341 alternative... that's available today
To: The people who have to wait for their 4341's.
FR: The people with a better business decision.
RE: A 4341 alternative that's available today
If your order for a 4341 has a delivery position that's a year or more away, you may need a more immediate solution to your capacity requirements.
Consider the advantages offered by our Omega 480 Series!
- 3 models field upgradeable for interchangeability with 158-3 or 3031 systems
- 60 day current availability for Models I and II
- 1st quarter 1980 delivery on our 3031-class system (our new Omega 480 Model III)
- optimized software and peripheral compatibility with 370 and 303X
- walkaway leases as short as 12 months (PLUS purchase option credits!)
- state-of-the-art technology that means much less energy requirement, much less space than 370 technology
In addition to being the better business decision on product-to-product comparison, Omega 480 is backed by CONTROL DATA Peripheral Products Group.
You have the support of dedicated hardware and software specialists with years of IBM systems experience.
The same experience that supports a complete line of peripheral products ...disks, memory, printers, tape; and mass storage for IBM systems.
So contact your regional Control Data representative. He'll help you decide whether Omega 480 is the better 4341 alternative — the better business decision - for you.

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