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How Honeywell gives you p

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How Honeywell gives you processing power where you need it, and control where you want it.

It seems everybody is talking about distributed processing. That's understandable: the primary benefit—increased responsiveness to user needs—is an important objective.
But Honeywell is doing a lot more than just talking about distributed processing. Within our Distributed Systems Environment (DSE), we're doing something about it. We can help you with a distributed system—today.
We can do it right now.
You can build a complete distributed system with standard, off-the-shelf, Honeywell Series 60 hardware and software. We offer full-line capability, from terminals, to satellite minicomputers, to network processors, to large-scale host processors. All demonstrable today.
Compatibility makes it possible.
Our Series 60 host processors and satellite processors are designed for maximum compatibility. For example, the language, data base manager and transaction processor used by our Level 6 minicomputers are subsets of host Level 66/DPS software.
And our High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) protocol provides standard communications within DSE. A variety of other widely used protocols are also supported to provide compatibility With other vendor equipment.
The system you want.
Modularity in both hardware and software allows you to install the right size system for today's needs, and easily modify or expand the system as your needs change or grow—without conversion, without application redesign, without hardware swapouts.
The control you want.
Most likely you'll want your distributed system to reflect your company's unique structure and management style. We give you the control to make that possible. Flexibility within the Distributed Systems Environment lets you determine the level of autonomy each satellite will have. You can let each satellite develop its own programs, allow it to use only host-generated programs, or you can mix the two. You can distribute or centralize application development according to your needs.
All with a single vendor.
More than a decade ago, Honeywell pioneered the separation of network processing from information processing. That experience, plus our capabilities, gives you confidence as you approach distributed processing.
Chances are, we can show you how to distribute your processing with greater ease, in less time, and at a lower cost.
For more information, call your local Honeywell representative. Or write Honeywell, 200 Smith Street (MS487), Waltham, Massachusetts 02154.

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