We deliver computing power with the IBM Series/1

"We deliver computing power to 33 of our field

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Titolo: We deliver computing power with the IBM Series/1

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Testo originale: "We deliver computing power to 33 of our field locations through distributed processing with the IBM Series/1."

"By putting the IBM Series/1 where our people are, we're giving them local control of their operations that they couldn't get through our central computers alone," says Paul Pavloff of Champion International, a major producer of building materials, papers and paper packaging.
"Thirty-three Champion distribution centers now have their own Series/1 for such functions as order entry, invoicing and inventory control" he continues. "At night, each Series/1 transmits consolidated data to our large IBM computers for timely management use. And they're helping us plug profit leaks through better control of inventories and complicated pricing schedules.
"All in all, our Series/1 units start to pay for themselves from the day they go on line. By 1980, we expect to equip over 150 field locations with them."
To achieve full distributed processing capability at so many remote locations and integrate those stations with the central computer, Champion developed its own versatile data management system, including a unique programming language.
The IBM Series/1 is small enough to fit almost anywhere, flexible enough to manage a variety of data processing tasks and powerful enough to handle both remote terminal and central information processing. It features online capability so that information is available to you at any terminal just as quickly as it's processed. And because it's modular, Series/1 is ready to grow when you are.
What's more, Series/1 is supported by an extensive service organization that enables IBM to respond promptly to your service needs, even in remote areas.
If you'd like to know more about how your company can benefit from Series/1, get in touch with your IBM Series/1 marketing representative or write the IBM General Systems Divisior P.O. Box 2068,Atlanta, GA 30301.
The remarkably flexible IBM Series/1 offers a broad range of modular features that allow you to build the data processing system you need at a low cost.
A small computer can make a big difference.

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