We switched to an NCR system

"We switched to an NCR system because we were

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Titolo: We switched to an NCR system

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Testo originale: "We switched to an NCR system because we were growing fast;' says John F. Schafer of Harrison Western Corporation.

Harrison Western is a contracting company working primarily in the mining industry. Our business has multiplied three-and-a-half times in the last five years.
NCR's GEORGE TILLMAN: Sharp growth in total business can apply tremendous pressure to your data processing system.
Right. We had been using our old supplier's largest minicomputer, so we had no system to grow to. We needed additional programs for general accounting applications. We were under pressure. So we began looking for another vendor with a broader base of available software.
And you found the NCR 8200 and Migration Path Engineering.
We selected NCR because the 8200 gave us greater hardware capability at the same price we had been paying. We also acquired the software we needed for our key applications — construction scheduling and cost accounting. And for the general accounting applications as well.
I recall that the transition went very smoothly.
I have been in data processing for 20 years and I know how difficult conversions can be. Our last two conversions — to the 8200 and, later, to the NCR 8350 — were the easiest I have ever seen. We unplugged the 8200 on a Thursday and the 8350 was up and running on Friday.
That's the way it will be whenever you need more power. Your NCR system will grow right with you. All your conversions will be easy. Because NCR has Migration Path Engineering.
That's what I like to hear.

In the NCR office nearest you, there is an account manager like George Tillman who knows your industry and knows NCR systems.
He can help you.
To learn more about what an NCR system can do for you, phone him. Or write to EDP Systems, NCR Corporation, Box 606, Dayton, Ohio 45401.

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