no loose ends

no loose ends
Computer, floppy, smart terminal, 1

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Titolo: no loose ends

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Data della fonte: 1980

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Testo originale: no loose ends
Computer, floppy, smart terminal, 16K RAM. $1595

H89 All-In-One Computer
Heath takes the risk out of selecting a balanced computer system.
Now, video terminal, floppy, keyboard and 8-bit computer are brought together in one self-contained compact unit. Nothing hangs out.

Two Z80's
The personal computer has never been simpler. Or smarter.
Two Z80 microprocessors mean terminal never shares power with computer, as do most desk-top units. So this terminal is capable of a multitude of high-speed functions, all controllable by keyboard or software.

100K bytes storage
Built-in floppy disk system gives you fast access to programs and data.
Each 5 1/4-inch diskette has 100k bytes of storage area, enough to hold entire files. The All-In-One comes with 16K RAM, expandable to 48K.

Innovative software
The All-In-One computer runs programs written in MICROSOFT® BASIC® and
Assembly languages. And it accepts all current software written for the popular Heathkit H8 Computer, including scores of practical programs for home and business.

Learn by building
What better way to learn about computers than to build one yourself?
Like all Heath electronic kits, it comes to you with its own easy-to-follow assembly manual and a nationwide network of service centers to assure smooth sailing.

Complete details on heatkit Computers and nearly 400 other Heath electronic kits for your home, work or pleasure are in the new Heathkit Catalog. Send for yours today or pick one up at your Heathkit Electronic Center.

*$1195 without floppy. Mail order kit prices, F.O.B. Benton Harbor, MI
Heathkit Products are also sold and serviced at Heathkit Electronic Center (Units of Veritechnology Electronic Corporation) in major cities throughout the U.S. See your white pages. Prices subject to change without notice.


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