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Stone.	Milestone.
NCD 17c X terminal. 29,000 X st

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Titolo: Stone. Milestone.

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Fonte pubblicazione: sconosciuta

Data della fonte: 1991

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Testo originale: Stone. Milestone.
NCD 17c X terminal. 29,000 X stones.
HP RISC X station. 86000 X stones.

The HP 700/RX family of X stations continues to open up a huge lead in the X stone race.
The first family based on RISC, it's also the first to offer entry-level workstation X performance at X terminal prices. So you can run demanding X applications you'd never have considered before.
Now that you can enjoy the performance benefits of RISC at no extra cost, what are you waiting for? Because every day without RISC, you're falling further behind.
Our accelerated color models perform almost three times faster than NCD. And our monochrome X station comes in at an astounding 90,000 X stones.
All HP 700/RX models use flicker-free monitors, with high refresh rates. You have a choice of 19" color or monochrome with 1280 x 1024 high resolution, and 16" color with 1024 x 768. In all models, we're continually adding features and enhancing functionality.
No wonder HP was recognized by Dataquest; International Data Corporation2 and X Business Group3 as the industry's leading supplier of color X terminals in 1990.
So call 1-800-752-0900, Ext. 2306* and meet the first family of RISC X
terminals. With these milestones, your company could go a lot further.

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