Doesn't your IBM PC deserve IBM service?

Doesn't your IBM PC deserve IBM service?


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Titolo: Doesn't your IBM PC deserve IBM service?

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Testo originale: Doesn't your IBM PC deserve IBM service?

you chose an IBM Personal Computer for lots of good reasons. And now that you depend on it to help keep your office running smoothly, doesn't it make sense to help protect your investment with blue chip service from IBM?
No matter what IBM PC you have, blue chip service is more than just expert repair. Blue chip service, offers the choice of service that's right for you at the price that's right for you.
It means we'll exchange your monitor, for example, at your place or at any of our Service/Exchange Centers.
And blue chip service means a lot of things you don't see. Quality. Speed. Commitment. And IBM experience.
Every year IBM invests many hours of training to keep its service representatives current on technologies that never stand still. As an IBM customer you deserve blue chip service. It's the best thing you can do for your IBm Personal Computer.

Blue chip service from IBM

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