"WHAT IF..."

"WHAT iF..."
Seldom is your first solutio

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Titolo: "WHAT IF..."

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Fonte pubblicazione: PC Magazine

Data della fonte: March 1982

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Testo originale: "WHAT iF..."
Seldom is your first solution to a problem the only one, or the one that's necessarily best.
That's why our VisiCalc program is #1 in the business: the most widely-used business program ever for the personal computer.
It's a powerful "electronic worksheet" that takes the work out of working with numbers.
Whether you are working with investments, cash flow, inventory, estimates, budgets, plans—nearly anything numerical, the VisiCalc program will help you work better, smarter, faster.
And the VisiCalc program lets you take full advantage of the IBM® Personal Computer's memory expansion capability. You can create worksheets six times larger than those possible at the 64K level. So you can solve even the biggest problems with our VisiCalc program and your IBM Personal Computer.
In just seconds, the VisiCalc program can calculate and display the answers to involved problems you could have spent hours doing by hand.
Its speed and versatility make it easy for you to explore more alternatives. You can ask "What if?" ... just change any number in your problem and instantly, the VisiCalc program recalculates all the numbers and displays the new results.
So you can readily analyze the impact of decisions before you make them.
Ask your retail computer store salesperson for a demonstration of the VisiCalc program for your IBM Personal Computer. Discover how easy it is to take the work out of working with numbers.


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