Microcomputers: Just Ask IMSAI.

Microcomputers: Just Ask IMSAI.
If you wonder who

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Titolo: Microcomputers: Just Ask IMSAI.

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Data della fonte: September 1977

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Testo originale: Microcomputers: Just Ask IMSAI.
If you wonder who leads the way in technology, look into IMSAI's list of industry firsts-IMSAI 8048, first complete control computer on a board; IMSAI 65K RAM Board, first to offer four times the memory capacity previously available on one board; IMSAI printers, first with highspeed direct memory access.
If you wonder why IMSAI products have gained the reputation for the standard of excellence in microcomputer systems, check with any one of the more than 10.000 IMSAI owners.
If you wonder who offers the broadest line of hardware, software and peripherals, visit any one of the more than 275 IMSAI dealers around the world.
If you wonder how microcomputing can fit your specific needs. Ask IMSAI.
Because when it comes to microcomputers, we have the answers.
An IMSAI Product to Answer Every Microcomputing Need:
Leis start with our product line. In all, IMSAI offers more than 120 high quality, completely integrated systems, components, peripherals and software. Here's just a sampling:
Single Board Central Processors:
• MPU-A (8080 based)-Industry standard.
• MPU-B (8085 based )-50% faster 8080.
• 8048-Programmable control computer.
• Video I/O-24x80 CRT. Edit & data entry.
• Serial I/O-2 port I/O, all std. Protocols.
• Parallel I/O-4 & 6 port TTL level I/O.
• Multiple I/O-2 cassette, 2 parallel, 1 serial & 1 Control I/O.
• DMA-For floppies & line printers
• Printers-40/80/132 col. 30 cps-300 lpm.
• Video displays - Large assortment.
• Tape Drive-9 track, 800 bpi, 25 ips.
• Floppy Disks-Single/double density.
Memory Expansion Boards:
• 4K RAM-Programmable memory protect.
• 16/32/65K RAM-16K paging option for virtual memory addressing.
• Intelligent Memory Mngr.-Handles up to 1 megabyte.
Self-Contained Systems:
• VDP-80-Computer/terminal/mass storage unit. Assembled & tested.
• PCS-80-Integrated component system.
• DOS-Enhanced CP/M.
• BASIC-Interactive or compiler with scientific and/or commercial features.
• FORTRAN IV-Level 2 ANSI compiler.
• Self-contained Systems: SCS 1 & 2/TCOS-Assembler/line editor/debugger; 4 & 8K BASIC-Optional cassette support.

Compare IMSAI. You’ll realize that ours is the most complete product line available. Whatever your needs, you can get them from one source, IMSAI.
A wide selection of components is only the beginning. IMSAI offers much more. Just ask.

Answers For Businessmen:
Announcing IMSAI's VDP-80. This totally self-contained unit includes a megabyte of disk memory via floppy disk, 32K computer memory (expandable to 256K), 12" CRT and 62 pad main keyboard with 10 pad numeric keyboard. Several printer options available.
If you want speed and accuracy in high volume work such as word processing or business data collection and analysis, the VDP-80 is your cost effective answer.

Answers For The Personal User & Educators:
Introducing IMSAI's new PCS-80 System, the fully integrated microcomputer component system, configurable to your exact needs. The basic system consists of our Intelligent Keyboard and the PCS-80 which houses an 8085 based CPU, 16K of RAM, intelligent ROM monitor, serial I/O port, 24x80 CRT, with an extra 7 slots in the chassis for expansion.
System component options include single or dual mini and standard floppy disks. The choice is yours, configure the system as you like.
IMSAI has answers for the educator, too. Take the basic PCS-80, add 8K of PROM, 4K of RAM and our self-contained 8K BASIC software, and you have a complete operating system your entire department can use to teach anything from elementary programming to advanced
computer science.
Require a bit less sophistication? Use our Intelligent Breadboard system for learning, designing
and building microcomputer assemblies.
Rather do it from scratch? Start with our single board MPU-B central processor, the heart of the PCS-80 System. It has a 1K ROM monitor, 256 bytes of RAM and serial and parallel I/O.
Since the MPU-B is 8085 based, you can run all programs previously developed for the 8080. 50% faster. Without requiring faster memory.

Answers For Industry:
IMSAI products provide the expandability and flexibility manufacturers demand for microcomputing applications.
We offer rack mountable components for the standard 19" RETMA racks, powerful MPU boards, I/O and memory boards for easy system expansion and configuration, and a broad line of peripherals and subsystems fully integrated and ready to go work.
IMSAI has what you need to make tomorrow's design today's reality.

Answers For Current IMSAI Users:
There are over 10.000 of you. And, we haven't forgotten. You might say that we thought of you before you even thought of us.
That's why every new product is designed to accommodate expansion, rather than outdate equipment.
For example, our new PCS-80 retrofit kit comes complete with MPU-B, replacement front panel p hotomask and additional hardware bracketing. So you can enjoy a single cabinet PCS-80 computer, with your choice of integrated component configurations.

The Answer For Everyone:
Dial 14151483-2093, Ext. ACT.
That's IMSAI's action hotline. Designed to answer the thousands of questions we didn’t have a chance to answer in the space of this ad.
Call us. We’ll assist you in putting together a system, direct you to your nearest IMSAI dealer, and send you our new catalog with all the details.
In short. if u have any questions at all regarding microcomputers, put us to the test.
Just ask IMSAI.

The Standard of Excellence In Microcomputer Systems.
IMSAI Manufacturing Corporation
14860 Wicks Blvd., Dept 5-9 San Leandro, CA 94577

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