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Here's how you can be fully computerized for s

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Titolo: Here's how you can be fully computerized

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Fonte pubblicazione: Infoworld

Data della fonte: 14 March 1979

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Testo originale: Here's how you can be fully computerized for so much less than you thought
We are pleased to announce the first professional time-sharing system in the microcomputer field.
Naturally, it's from Cromemco.
This new multi-user system will do all of the tasks you usually associate with much more expensive time-sharing computers.
Yet it's priced at an almost unbelievably low figure.
Look at these features:
•You can have up to 7 terminals plus a fast, 132-column line printer
•You can have a large system RAM memory that's expandable to 1 megabyte using the Bank Select feature
•Each user has an independent bank of RAM
•You can have floppy disk storage of up to 1 megabyte
•You have confidentiality between most stations
•And, make no mistake, the system is fast and powerful. You'll want to try its fast execution time yourself.
This new system is based on Cromemco's well-known System Three Computer and our new Multi-User BASIC software package.
Programmers tell us that Cromemco Multi-User BASIC is the best in the field. Here are some of its attractions:
•You can use long variable names and labels up to 31 characters long — names like "material on order" or "calculate speed reduction."
•You get many unusual and helpful commands that simplify programs and execution — commands such as PROTECT, LIST VARIABLES, NOLIST, and many more.
•No round-off error in financial work (because our BASIC uses binary- coded decimal rather than binary operation).
And we've still been able to make it FAST.
•Terminals and printer are interrupt- driven - no additional overhead until key is pressed.
•The conveniences in this Multi-User BASIC make it much easier to write your own application software.
•A line editor simplifies changes.
In the final analysis, the Thing to do is see this beautiful new system at your dealer. See its rugged professional quality.
Evaluate it. Benchmark it for speed with your own routine (you'll be agreeably surprised, we guarantee you).
Find out, too, about Cromemco's reputation for quality and engineering.
Look into it now because you can have the capabilities of a fully computerized operation much quicker and for much less than you ever thought.
Cromemco Incorporated
Microcomputer Systems

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