The World's Most Powerful 8-Bit Microcomputer

The World's Most Powerful 8-Bit Microcomputer

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Titolo: The World's Most Powerful 8-Bit Microcomputer

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Fonte pubblicazione: Infoworld

Data della fonte: 14 March 1979

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Testo originale: The World's Most Powerful 8-Bit Microcomputer
Featuring the World's Most Powerful 8-Bit MPU -The Motorola MC-6809
Welcome to a whole new world of microcomputing. Here at last is a microcomputer with all the speed and power that you have wished for.
The MC6809 is an exciting new concept in microprocessors that fills the gap between 8- and 16-bit machines.
It provides the power of 16-bit instructions with the economy of 8-bit architecture.
The MC6809 has more addressing modes than any other 8-bit processor. It has powerful 16-bit instructions, and a highly efficient internal architecture with 16-bit data paths.
It is easily the most powerful, most software efficient, and the fastest 8-bit general purpose microprocessor ever.
The greatest impact of the Motorola MC6809 undoubtedly will be software related.
Ten powerful addressing modes with 24 indexing sub-modes, 16-bit instructions and the consistent instruction set stimulate the use of modern programming techniques. Such as structured programming, position independent code, reentrancy, recursion and multitasking.
A memory management system with extended addressing designed into the bus system controls up to 256K bytes of RAM memory.
The dynamic memory allocation system, which is part of the multitasking DOS, allocates available memory in as small as 4K blocks.
The MC6809 system is the only 8-bit processor designed for the efficient handling of high-level languages.
New addressing modes, a consistant instruction set and easy data manipulation on stacks allows the efficient execution of block-structured high-level code as generated by a compiler like PASCAL.
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