Turn your Apple into a versatile pc

Turn your Apple into the world’s most versatile pe

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Titolo: Turn your Apple into a versatile pc

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Fonte pubblicazione: Interface Age

Data della fonte: May 1982

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Testo originale: Turn your Apple into the world’s most versatile personal computer.
The Softcard™ Solution. Softcard turns your Apple into two computers. A Z-80 and a 6502. By adding a Z-80 microprocessor and CP/M to your Apple, Softcard turns your Apple into a CP/M based machine. That means you can access the single largest body of microcomputer software in existence. Two computers in one. And, the advantages of both.

Plug and go. The Softcard system starts with a Z-80 based circuit card. Just plug it into any slot (except 0) of your Apple. No modifications required. Softcard supports most of your Apple peripherals, and, in 6502-mode, your Apple is still your Apple.
CP/M for your Apple. You get CP/M on disk with the Softcard package. It’s a powerful and simple-to-use operating system. It supports more software than any other microcomputer operating system. And that’s the key to the versatility of the SoftCard/Apple.
BASIC included. A powerful tool, BASIC-80 is included in the Softcard package. Running under CP/M, ANSI Standard BASIC-80 is the most powerful microcomputer BASIC available. It includes extensive disk I/O statements, error trapping, integer variables, 16-digit precision, extensive EDIT commands and string functions, high and low-res Apple graphics, PRINT USING, CHAIN and COMMON, plus many additional commands. And, it’s a BASIC you can compile with Microsoft’s BASIC Compiler.
More languages. With Softcard and CP/M, you can add Microsoft’s ANSI Standard COBOL, and FORTRAN, or Basic Compiler and Assembly Language Development System. All, more powerful tools for your Apple. Seeing is believing. See the Softcard in operation at your Microsoft or Apple dealer. We think you’ll agree that the Softcard turns your Apple into the world’s most versatile personal computer.
Complete information? It’s at your dealer’s now. Or, we’ll send it to you and include a dealer list. Write us. Call us. Or, circle the reader service card number below.
Softcard is a trademark of Microsoft. Apple II and Apple II Plus are registered trademarks of Apple Computer. Z-80 is a registered trademark of Zilog, Inc. CP/M is a registered trademark of Digital Research, Inc.
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