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It’s hard to imagine one without

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La Digital riesce a trasformare un tipico sistema chiuso IBM in un sistema aperto: spettacolare!

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Titolo: CP/M & IBM by Digital

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Fonte pubblicazione: PC Magazine

Data della fonte: 1982-03

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Testo originale: CP/M & IBM.
It’s hard to imagine one without the other.

If you're thinking about buying an IBM Displaywriter, or if you already have one, you need to know about CP/M-86 from Digital Research. CP/M-86 is the most versatile operating system in the 16-bit microcomputer world, giving you access to hundreds of applications programs. CP/M-86 along with an application program turns your Displaywriter into a financial advisor, budgeting expert, appointment scheduler, client accountant, or inventory manager, as well as a superb word processor.
Call or write Digital Research and ask about CP/M-86 for your Displaywriter. You'll learn why it's the first choice in 16-bit operating systems.

160 Central Avenue, Pacific Grove,
California 93950. (408) 649-3896.

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