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Imagine a microcomputer
Imagine a microcomputer w

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Titolo: Imagine a microcomputer

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Testo originale: Imagine a microcomputer
Imagine a microcomputer with all the design savvy, ruggedness, and sophistication of the best minicomputers.
Imagine a microcomputer supported by dozens of interface, memory, and processor option boards. One that can be interfaced to an indefinite number of peripheral devices including dual floppy discs, CRT's, line printers, cassette recorders, video displays, paper tape readers, teleprinters, plotters, and custom devices.
Imagine a microcomputer supported by extensive software including Extended BASIC, Disk BASIC, DOS and a complete library of business, developmental, and industrial programs.
Imagine a microcomputer that will do everything a mini will do, only at a fraction of the cost. You are imagining the Altair 8800b. The Altair 8800b is here today, and it may very well be the mainframe of the 70's.
The Altair 8800b is a second generation design of the most popular microcomputer in the field, the Altair 8800. Built around the 8800A microprocessor, the Altair 8800b is an open ended machine that is compatible with all Altair 8800 hardware and software. It can be configured to match most any system need.
MITS' plug-in compatible boards for the Altair 8800b now include: 4K static memory, 4K dynamic memory, 16K static memory, multi-port serial interface, multi-port parallel interface, audio cassette record interface, vectored interrupt, real time clock, PROM board, multiplexer, A/D convertor, extender card, disc controller, and line printer interface.
MITS' peripherals for the Altair 8800b include the Altair Floppy Disc, Altair Line Printer, teletypewriters, and the soon-to-be-announced Altair CRT terminal.
Introductory prices for the Altair 8800b are $840 for a kit with complete assembly instructions, and $1100 for an assembled unit. Complete documentation, membership into the Altair Users Club, subscription to "Computer Notes;' access to the Altair Software Library, and a copy of Charles J. Sippl's Microcomputer Dictionary are Included. BankAmericard or Master Charge accepted for mail order sales. Include $8 for postage and handling.
Shouldn't you know more about the Altair 8800b? Send for our free Altair Information Package, or contact one of our many retail Altair Computer Centers.
mits 2450 ALAMO S.E. ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO 87106 (505) 243-7821

altair 8800-b
Redesigned front panel. Totally synchronous logic design. Same switch and LED arrangement as original Altair 8800. New back-lit Duralith (laminated plastic and mylar, bonded to aluminum) dress panel with multi-color graphics. New longer, flat toggle switches. Five new functions stored on front panel PROM including: DISPLAY ACCUMULATOR (displays contents of accumulator), LOAD ACCUMULATOR (loads contents of the 8 data switches (A7-AO) into accumulator), OUTPUT ACCUMULATOR (Outputs contents of accumulator to I/O device addressed by the upper 8 address switches), INPUT ACCUMULATOR (inputs to the accumulator from the I/O device), and SLOW (causes program execution at a rate of about 5 cycles per second—for program debugging).
Full 18 slot motherboard.
Rugged, commercial grade Optima cabinet.
New front panel interface board buffers all lines to and from 8800b bus.
Two, 34 conductor ribbon cable assemblies. Connects front panel board to front panel interface board. Eliminates need for complicated front panel/bus wiring.
New, heavy duty power supply: +8 volts at 18 amps, +18 volts at 2 amps, -18 volts at 2 amps. 110 volt or 220 volt operation (50/60 I-1z). Primary tapped for either high or low line operation.
New CPU board with 8080A microprocessor and Intel 8224 clock generator and 8216 bus drivers. Clock pulse widths and phasing as well as frequency are crystal controlled. Compatible with all current Altair 8800 software and hardware.
NOTE: Altair is a trademark of MITS, Inc.
2450 Alamo SE/Albuquerque, NM 87106/505-24'1-7821

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