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Introducing IMSAI 8048 Single Board Control Comput

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Titolo: Introducing IMSAI 8048 Single Board Computer.

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Fonte pubblicazione: Personal computing

Data della fonte: May 1977

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Testo originale: Introducing IMSAI 8048 Single Board Control Computer.
Introducing IMSAI 8048 Single Board Control C,omputer.Complete Contro] Systemlntel developed the world's tirsi singlechip microcomp uter. IMSAl has built thesystem to put it lo work. Instantly!Presenting the IMSAI Single BoardCont ro! Computer. A complete program mablecomputer and hardware contraisystem on an 8½" x 10'' boa rd.Just plug in the power source (a 5Vpowe r supply or a 6V hattery will do ), andyou can be controlling your homeen vironmeat today!The Chip Designed for Controlln tel desigaed the 8048/8748 single ch ipmicrocomp uter with one lhough l in mind.Complete co ntro!. Everything you need isthere: C PU, RAM. IK ROM /EROM, 1/0,timer/cou nter, interrupts ... the works.Tue Board That lmplements It InstantlyThere's a 24 pad hex adecima l keyboardand 9-digit LED hex display al ready oaboard. So you can start controlling thecoffeepot and the spri nklers the minute youge l the IMSAI home. Withoul add inganything bui the co nnecting wires.You can run almost any peripheralavailable. Not to mention the kids' electrictra in. The IMSAI Contro! Computer isRS232 cornpatible. There are 12 quasibidirectional1/ 0 lines wi th handshaking,and 14 more regula r 1/ 0 lines, 5 heavy dutyrela ys, and Teletype and audio cassetteinterfaces. Ali on one board.There's already an extra IK of RAM onboard, plus sockets for another IK ofRAM and 2K of ROM /EROM. Stili ncedmore memory? The I MSAI 8048 allowsexpansion up to 64K of RAM off board.Ultìrn ately, tht: only lirnit to this systemis your imagination.Now, that's contro!.For instont contro/, use the coupon provided.

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