Get this valuable SLIDE RULE free

Get this valuable SLIDE RULE free
by accepting th

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Titolo: Get this valuable SLIDE RULE free

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Fonte pubblicazione: Popular Mechanics

Data della fonte: September 1939

Linguaggio: en (English)

Marca del contenuto: D. Van Nostrand Company  

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Testo originale: Get this valuable SLIDE RULE free
by accepting this amazing offer now

Saves time and mental effort in solving mathematical problems
Full Size
10 ins. long
Directions for using

Has all the scales of a $1.00 RULE

…at last practical mathematics made easy and entertaining

NEVER before—and probably never again—a fine, full-size slide rule free! Genuine Manheim type in nicely finished wood with calibrations in contrasting black on white, accurate indicator with reading lens that magnifies. Has A, B, C, D, K, S, T, and L scales as on expensive slide rules costing $1.00 or more, and in addition, an inch scale, millimeter scale and table of equivalents. This valuable slide rule, with directions for use, is yours free if you accept our offer on this marvelous new book, "Speed and Fun with Figures," that makes practical mathematics positively easy and entertaining.

Hundreds of Mathematical Short-Cuts
"Lightning Calculators" Secrets Revealed
Why waste time with roundabout laborious methods of calculation? Why scrawl endless figures on paper to get the answer, and then not be sure you are right? Learn the shortcuts! Make mathematics exhilarating, practical, useful in your daily work! Part 1 of this great book gives the proved methods used by lightning calculators to solve difficult problems instantly.
Marvelous Aid of Slide Rule Made Clear
Multiplication and division are no trick at all, complicated roots and powers, trignometric and reciprocal functions are easy—with the slide rule. Part 2 of this book shows you how simple it all is.

Rapid Arithmetic
Slide Rule Manual
Recreations in Mathematics
Cloth Bound
602 Pages

SAVE OVER 26% by this special offer

Mathematics As Recreation—Puzzles, Tricks, Etc.
"The Moon Hoax," the "School Girl Problem," "Cattle Problem of Archimedes" and hundreds of other mathematical tricks given in Part 3 afford endless amusement and education, too.

EXAMINE FREE—Slide Rule Included If You Act Promptly
'Speed and Fun with Figures" combines three books that sold for $4.75 into one volume for only $3.50. Send no money. Examine the book 5 days FREE. Then return it or send $1.50 and $1.00 a month for two months ($3.50 in all). Slide rule included free if you act at once!


Mail Now—Slide Rule FREE

D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 250 Fourth Ave., NewYork City
Send Speed and Fun with Figures postpaid on 5 DAYS FREE APPROVAL and include the Slide Rule FREE. At the end of 5 days I will return the shipment or send $1.50 and $1.00 a month for two months, $3.50 in all. (5 % discount for cash, same return privilege.) PM 9-39

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