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Titolo: $5.00 CALCULATING MACHINE at $2.50

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Fonte pubblicazione: Popular Mechanics

Data della fonte: November 1913

Linguaggio: en (English)

Marca del contenuto: George W. Richardson  

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Testo originale: $5.00 CALCULATING MACHINE, $2.50
There seems to be a misunderstanding about what the Slide Rule will accomplish, many think it an instrument, the use of which is appliable only to Engineers and Technical men. So frequently have I heard this remark that I have completely re-written and enlarged my instruction book, The Slide Rule Simplified, which shows the actual setting of the rule by 90 full size engravings, 52 pages 7x10, each illustration and example is explained and "written so you can understand it.” In fact any person who has never seen a Slide Rule and not a technical person, could not help but learn its use. The examples selected and shown by illustrations are those which frequently come up for solution by the Banker, Broker, Auditor, Inventory and Insurance Man, Cost Estimator, Printer, Paper Mfr., Contractor, Salesman, Time-Keeper, Bookkeeper, Lumber, Land, Marine, and other merchants too numerous to mention.
This Slide Rule will multiply, divide, add and subtract, solve proportion, extract the square and cube roots, find the decimal equivalent of vulgar fractions or vice versa, calculate interest, percentage. Also the mensuration of superficies, and the rule of three. For Engineers, Electricians, Draftsmen, Superintendent Master Mechanics, etc., the rule is indispensable in their work. It is one of the most valuable instruments ever offered to mankind. For Electricians it is a complete wire table in itself. The Richardson Direct Reading Slide Rule is specially designed for those who wish to learn its use, its operation being very simple. You simply place the key to the problem wanted in the keyhole (the key is printed in red on slide, see cut) and answer is given direct: such as the Horse Power of Engines, Pumps, Boilers, Belts, Water Falls; size of duct for ventilating; radiation and size grate, and steam main; change gear and pulley problems; areas, circumference and diameter of circles. This Rule is my 1914 type now on the market for the first time. Made in two sizes, coat and vest pocket 10”x1 5/8x1/4 and 5 ¾”x1 3/8x1/8. 10" has Sine, Log, and Tangent scales. No wood in their construction, scales white celluloid, printed from engine divided plates in two colors, and washable, secured by an improved locking device in an absolutely non-corrodible Monel Metal framing. Blackened to ease the eyes.
Price of 10” Rule, ordinary case, $2.50 Postpaid. Full leather case, 50c. extra. 5” rule and full leather case, $2.50. 10” rule, bristol board scales, $1.00. If ordered now the book, The Slide Rule Simplified, goes FREE with each rule. If interested in forming Clubs write for large list of tools GIVEN FREE.
Geo. W. Richardson
Ex-Chief Electrician. U.S. Navy
4218 24th Place CHICAGO. U. S. A.

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