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New 1960 German Adding Machine Adds & Subtract

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Titolo: New 1960 German Adding Machine Adds & Subtracts

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Tipo del contenuto: pagina di rivista o giornale

Fonte pubblicazione: Popular Science

Data della fonte: May 1960

Linguaggio: en (English)

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Caricato da: Maverich il 15-06-2020

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Testo originale: New 1960 German Adding Machine Adds & Subtracts to ONE BILLION!
Now with 9 NEW exclusive features-Still Only $1.98
Pocket for Coins and $1, $5, $10 Bills!
200 Year Perpetual Calendar!
Fine Grain Fitted WALLET!
Easy-Flow Clearing Lever!
Magic Reckoner for Multiplying & Dividing!
Fitted Slot for Notes, Memo Pad!
Midget Ball Point Pen!
All Metal Stylus
Pocket for Social Security Card, Photos, Licenses!
Now yours-the all-new 1960 Wizard Calculator-direct to you from the world’s greatest importer of adding machines-THORESEN. This improved, 1960 high speed calculator is so small! It’s actually a custom-fitted Secretary Wallet that slides into your pocket or purse. Yet it’s a precision made high-speed calculator. Made with enduring Korium Steel working parts. It adds and subtracts with amazing speed up to ONE BILLION-and never, but never makes a mistake! It’s the only calculator in the entire world with a fitted MAGIC RECKONER for instant multiplication and division-without pencil or paper. The 1960 Model also has a Perpetual Calendar for finding the date, weekday and month of any year from 1960 to 2160. It has a genuine Metal Stylus and a fine Ball Point Pen. All this is contained In a Fine Grain Wallet with Pocket for notes, coins, tokens, $1, $5 and $10 bills; Pocket for licenses, credit cards, social security and photos. Really an all-purpose portable pocket secretary that goes with you EVERYWHERE! You’d expect to pay $4.00 to $5.00 for a Secretarial Wallet alone-yet you get the Wallet and complete Calculating System at a huge saving-direct from the importer.
This new 1960 high speed calculator is so easy, so simple to use. All you do is “feed” it your list of figures, small or big, and instantly the correct answer pops up in the 9 tiny windows-AUTOMATICALLY!
For multiplication or division you use the multi-reckoner and get lightning fast answers in just about ONE second. No other pocket adding machine gives you this wonderful plus feature!
This Type Adding Machine Used by Personnel of Leading Railroads, Oil Companies, Colleges, Government Bureaus in 48 Countries off the World!
Over 4 million men, women and students use pocket adding machines in 48 countries. 4,000,000 people can’t be wrong! Needed in every home, store, office, factory, engineering firm, school and college. Save time! Save mental fatigue! Save yourself from costly figuring mistakes that mean money out of your pocket! Get the new deluxe 1960 WIZARD with the Magic Reckoner and Secretarial Wallet today!
Saves Time, Work and Money
Avoids frazzled nerves. Prevents costly human mistakes-because this mathematical marvel can’t make a mistake! You add mountains of numbers in MINUTES while others take hours. Now it’s so fast, so easy to check all purchases, statements, even restaurant bills. Keeps a running tab of market purchases as you take food off shelves. Records car mileage. Helps you maintain a budget, figure out your income tax, checks, children’s home work, keeps bridge & canasta scores, figures discounts, insurance and stock dividends, salesman’s expenses. The 1960 WIZARD gives you freedom from figuring slavery. Let’s you perform scores of everyday adding, subtracting, multiplication and division jobs easily, without any mental fatigue—–without silly mistakes … in just seconds!
Developed in West Germany where Quality of Workmanship Reign Supreme!
The WIZARD is a mechanical marvel developed by German Mathematicians-renowned craftsmen! Human beings can make mistakes but this machine NEVER DOES! Precision made with genuine Korium Steel mechanism-no gears, no wheels to wear out . . . virtually lasts a lifetime!
Packed with New Features
The new WIZARD is better in many ways-new, better level action . . . new deluxe secretarial wallet for your currency cards, etc. . . . new all metal stylus . . . new instant clearing lever . . . fitted midget pen . . . pockets for notes, photos, licenses . . . perpetual 200-year calendar . . . Magic Reckoner for quick dividing! All this is yours for a fraction of what you expect to pay! But hurry! Factory is working night and day to fill tremendous demand for the Wizard Calculator. Rush coupon below today. All orders filled in sequence of postmarked dates. Avoid disappointment. Mail that FREE-trial coupon RIGHT NOW!
No. 668 DeLuxe Wizard Calculator $1.98 plus 22c Mailing Cost. TOTAL: $2.20
Beware of Imitations Imported from Orient!
Do not confuse with cheaper, erratic, look-alike, all-plastic calculators imported from the Orient, near communist China. The Wizard is made by renowned craftsmen in West Germany-noted for superior quality! Sold ONLY by Thoresen’s direct to you. Cannot be bought anywhere else.
THORESEN, Inc., Dept. 7-E-668,585 Water Street, New York 2, N. Y.

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