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Grand Opening
1801 Market	, 10 Penn Center, Phila

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Titolo: Grand Opening Radio Shack computer center

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Fonte pubblicazione: philadelfia inquirer

Data della fonte: 15 August 1982

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Testo originale: Grand Opening
1801 Market , 10 Penn Center, Philadelphia
Radio Shack computer center
Save $827
Grand Opening special
Complete System 2599.90 Saves Time And Effort
Hurry—Price Good at New Computer Center Only Through 8/28/82

YOU Get All of This…
• TRS-8O® Model III Desktop Business Computer with Built-in Disk Drive
• Full 132-Column Line Printer VI
• SCRIPSIT Word Processing Program
• VisiCalc® Management Planning Program
• Profile Electronic Filing Program
This complete TRS-80 Model III computer system will improve your personal productivity. It's ideal for any busy manager because you can put it to work right away with these ready-to-run business programs. SCRIPSIT lets you write, edit and correct letters and reports on your screen electronically, then print them "correction-free"! VisiCalc is our financial planning and forecasting tool that lets you find the answer to "what if" questions almost instantly. Profile makes it a snap to set up your own customized electronic filing system to keep track of names, addresses, products and more. Ask for a demonstration today.

VisiCalc is a registered trademark of VisiCorp

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