Gauged To Perfection

Gauged To Perfection
The UNIVAC scientific comput

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Titolo: Gauged To Perfection

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Fonte pubblicazione: Scientific American

Data della fonte: January 1955

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Testo originale: Gauged To Perfection
The UNIVAC scientific computing system

Perfection of the finished product requires precise control in the manufacture of jet fuel. Such control is vital in the refining of oil, as it is in most industries. And, with the coming of age of automation, the controls must not only be precise - they must also be supervised automatically.
That’s the function of such electronic computing systems as the Remington Rand Univac Scientific. Its ability to control, simultaneously and automatically, a wide variety of input-output devices makes the Univac Scientific ideally suited to on-line operations.
Fully automatic control requires a computing system which is able, for example, to take a meter reading, then — acting on its own instantaneous decision - throw a switch, set a rheostat, or adjust a valve. This the Univac Scientific can do easily - and much more. Operating at extremely high speeds with superb efficiency, the Univac Scientific provides large storage capacity, great programming versatility, and far greater reliability than am computer in its class.
For information about how a Univac Scientific system might be applied to your particular problem, write to…
Remington Rand Inc.

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