Casio challenges you to find more power...

Casio challenges you to find more power. At any pr

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Titolo: Casio challenges you to find more power...

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Testo originale: Casio challenges you to find more power. At any price

The amazing Casio FX-4000P pro grammable scientific calculator: In power; it's compa- rable to the most highly touted calcu- lators on the market today.

It offers you 160 total functions, including 83 scien- tific functions, such as hexadecimal/ decimal/binary/octal conversions, standard deviation and regression analysis.

Making it easier to deal with long computations, its 12 character






12 Scrolls to 79


550 Step

Formula Replay

up to 79 chr:

Computer Math


Regression Analysis

2 Variable

alpha-numeric display scrolls to 79 characters and its instant formula replay feature lets you review, edit and replay your formula at the touch of a button. It even has an answer key that stores your last computed value.

And to make things still easier, the FX-4000P has a "perfect entry" system, which allows you to enter and display a formula exactly as written. Plus, it has a non-volatile 550 step program memory with 10 program

divisions. This allows 10 different pro- grams to be stored at once.

And it includes up to 94 data memories, which are invaluable for statistical analysis.

Finding all this power at your fingertips is remarkable enough, let alone at half the price of some com- petitors. If you can put your finger on a scientific calculator that gives you more power at any price, by all means buy it.

Where miracles never cease

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