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FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who’s ahead of his time

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Titolo: FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who’s ahead of his time

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Fonte pubblicazione: Scientific American

Data della fonte: March 1956

Linguaggio: en (English)

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Testo originale: FOR THE MATHEMATICIAN who’s ahead of his time
IBM is looking for a special kind of mathematician, and will pay especially well for his abilities.
This man is a pioneer, an educator-with a major or graduate degree in Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering with Applied Mathematics equivalent.
You may be the man.

If you can qualify, you’ll work as a special representative of IBM’s Applied Science Division, as a top-level consultant to scientists, business executives and government officials on the application of Electronic Data Processing Machines. It is an exciting position, crammed with interest, and responsibility.
Employment assignment can probably be made in almost any major U. S. city you choose. Excellent working conditions and employee-benefit program.
For applicants with the same basic qualifications, opportunities are available to teach in this exciting, new field.
Your reply will, of course, be held in the strictest confidence. Write, giving full details of education and experience, to:
Dr. C. R. DeCarlo
590 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N. Y.
Producer of electronic data processing machines, electric typewriters, and electronic time equipment.
(Hundreds of IBM electronic data proc¬essing machines are already in use, and many more will be installed during 1956. These machines have become essential for computations in science, engineering and business management.)