UNIVAC MAGNETIC TAPE saves 90% in storage

saves 90% in storage and han

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Titolo: UNIVAC MAGNETIC TAPE saves 90% in storage

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Fonte pubblicazione: Scientific American

Data della fonte: June 1953

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saves 90% in storage and handling over punched cards
Remington Rand Univac Electronic Computers Now Make Available…
Reels of magnetic tape are utilized with REMINGTON RAND ELECTRONIC COMPUTER SYSTEMS solving intricate computations for business, for industry, for science, for government. They operate at speeds that put facts at management’s fingertips with breathtaking rapidity. They give management today data which it formerly had to wait months to obtain.

One inch of magnetic tape, the input medium for Remington Rand UNIVAC, holds even more information than a punched card. One reel holds 1,400,000 numbers or letters. Two 4-drawer tabulating-card files, storing more than 20,000 cards, are compressed into a single eight-inch reel.
A Computer for Every Need
You expect leadership from the leader . . . and Remington Rand machines, using magnetic tape in addition to all other input media, offer the greatest variety of equipment for every computing job.
With the UNIVAC Fac-Tronic all-purpose computer system you can switch quickly from accounts receivable to payroll preparations, to matrix algebra to differential equations. The new ERA 1103 general-purpose computer system performs feats of mathematical computations, industrial and economic planning, and automatic process control — at speeds undreamed of a few years ago. The Remington Rand Punched-Card Electronic Computer handles computations, records, and general accounting problems. (Also, Remington Rand will design and build computers to specifications to solve your specific problems.)
For free descriptive folder, “UNIVAC,” EL 109.1, write on your business letterhead to Room 2851,
315 Fourth Avenue, New York 10, N. Y.
Eckert Mauchly Division: Univac Fac-Tronic System
Remington Rand: Punched-Card Electronic Accounting Machines
Engineering Research Associates Division: ERA 1103 General-purpose Computer System

univac era 1103 nastro magnetico scheda perforata