sensational new “fact-power” by Remington Rand UNIVAC

sensational new “fact-power” unleashed by Remingto

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Titolo: sensational new “fact-power” by Remington Rand UNIVAC

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Testo originale: sensational new “fact-power” unleashed by Remington Rand UNIVAC
The Univac Fac-tronic System processes both numeric and alphabetic data from metallic tape without special coding ...delivers results in typewritten form ready for immediate use.
Yesterday, “impossible”… today, an accomplished fact
Now, for the first time, a commercial or industrial firm can have - first thing any morning - complete facts and figures, analyzed and summarized, on its previous day’s performance … in production, in sales, in procurement or any other major or minor activity.
The almost unbelievable feats of Remington Rand Univac in computing, sorting, classifying and reporting business data enable management executives to formulate “fact-powered” decisions in the merest fraction of the time previously required. Also, highly pertinent analyses and forecasts that were never even attempted before, are now easy and almost completely automatic. Univac has cleared the way for phenomenal improvements in the coordination of business facilities.

And the same versatile Univac equipment helps management multiply clerical productivity many times over in every phase of record keeping and accounting. Univac is just as effective in a job like payroll preparation or cost distribution as it is in complex statistical and mathematical projects.
A Complete Range of Electronic Computing Systems
In addition to Univac, the universal electronic computer, Remington Rand manufactures a complete range of electronic computing instruments to meet the requirements, large or small, of both business and science. For details, please write on your business or professional letterhead to Room 1381, 315 Fourth Ave., New York 10, N. Y.
The First Name in Business Electronics
Remington Rand Inc.

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