Putting color to work in computers.

Putting color to work in computers.
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Titolo: Putting color to work in computers.

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Fonte pubblicazione: Scientific American

Data della fonte: September 1979

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Testo originale: Putting color to work in computers.
Computers that present a wealth of confusing information serve only to slow the information process. At ISC, we use color graphics as a highly-effective communications medium. Why color? Research has shown that color conveys information more quickly and effectively than any other visual method. Thus, when compared to black and white a color CRT display results in faster, more accurate user response. And that means faster decisions from the ultimate processor, the human brain.

Our new Intecolor 3621 puts the color advantage in a desk-top computer. The 13″ screen can display 32 lines of 64 ASCII characters, as well as plot graphics on a 128 x 128 grid - in eight brilliant colors. A full-featured keyboard (117 keys) and 51K mini-disk drive are built-in, as is Extended Disk BASIC, vector software and 32K user RAM. There’s a standard RS232C interface for use as a timesharing terminal, too.
The power of color graphics in a sleek, self-contained case. At just $3300* it’s simply incredible.
And the 3621 is just one of the entries in Intecolors new 3000 series. Contact your representative today and put color to work for you. Color Communicates Better.
Intelligent Systems Corp
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