Dissatisfaction – AMERICA’s greatest asset

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Titolo: Dissatisfaction – AMERICA’s greatest asset

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Fonte pubblicazione: Scientific American

Data della fonte: October 1954

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Testo originale: Dissatisfaction – AMERICA’S GREATEST ASSET
The electronic computer gulps algebraic equations and releases typed solutions at the rate of 10,000 per minute. Men with vision created this machine that almost thinks, men who were dissatisfied with old fashioned methods.
Computing machines have created one of the fabulous chapters in the history of American industry. A few enterprising men in each generation have been unwilling to tolerate mediocre tools and methods. They are the physicists, engineers and designers who today are meeting the requirements of our changing world. At Meletron we are testing new materials and creating new techniques to meet constantly higher standards. Dissatisfaction with what has been done, plus the determination to improve, is one of America’s greatest assets. This attitude is a guiding policy at Meletron.
MELETRON corporation