Go through life with less baggage.

Go through life with less baggage.


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Titolo: Go through life with less baggage.

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Fonte pubblicazione: Wired

Data della fonte: December 1996

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Testo originale: Go through life with less baggage.

Introducing the MessagePad 130 with Newton 2.0.

The farther we go, it seems, the more we’re asked to bring with us. The names and numbers of clients past and present. Dates, times, and notes from countless meetings. Not to mention away to get your e-mail.

The new Apple® MessagePad® 130 was designed to lighten your load by making it easier than ever to schedule work, take notes, send and receive e-mails and faxes – or hop on the Internet – from wherever vou happen to be. Even in the dark, thanks to its backlit screen.

The Newton 2.0 operating system: learn less, do more. The award-winning Newton® 2.0 provides a surprisingly familiar way of working that encapsulates all you do now in a simpler, more concise form. Instead of loading you with complex commands, Newton works the way you do. It even reads your handwriting.

Dozens of new and well-known applications, such as Now Contact, ACT!, Quicken, CompuServe, Meeting Maker, and Eudora Pro, are available for Newton, with more coming. Making it easy to transfer information to and from your PC.

Pick up a MessagePad and get going! So put down whatever you’re doing, and go see the Apple MessagePad 130 at your nearest dealer. Or get our faxback information kit, with details on the complete line of MessagePad products and the latest software. See just how little you have to carry, to have it all.

To get your information kit, visit our Web site or call Apple today!

1 800 364-0766, ext. 1000

©1996 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, the light bulb logo, MessagePad, and Newton are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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