It took 200 years to draw this picture.

It took 200 years to draw this picture.

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Titolo: It took 200 years to draw this picture.

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Testo originale: It took 200 years to draw this picture.

This cheery little doodle represents 432,000 hours of work by some of the brightest minds in computer design.

And yes, they actually got paid for it.

Because it also represents a whole new way for humans to interact with computers on more human terms.

Lisa™ from Apple®.

With its unique 32-bit design and 1 million characters of internal memory, it’s the most powerful personal office computer ever developed, capable of a lot more than doodling. Each system gives you a whole workbench of powerful business tools, from word processing to electronic project management.

But the real story is the way we used that power – not to make electrons go faster, but to help you go faster.

Because Lisa is the first (and only) computer that works in a visual way. It replaces complex computer commands with pictures familiar to anyone who’s ever worked at a desk.

File folders look like file folders. Memos like memos. There’s a clipboard, a calculator, even a wastebasket.

To tell Lisa what to do, you simply point to the appropriate symbol.

So you can actually learn to use Lisa in minutes. Instead of days.

And that’s the bigger picture.

Soon there’ll be just two kinds of people. Those who use computers and those who use Apples.

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